Where is the nearest Phone, Internet & Fax?

There is WI FI down the road about ten lots at Bacalar Resort talk to Roberto.


You can buy cell phone minutes and there is an internet stick that comes with Manatee you may get a single down on dock.


There are still some pay phone in the small towns along the frontage roads you buy an international phone card and put it into the card holder on the pay phone or punch in the 1800 number and follow the directions.


Depending on your cell phone provider they work at Manatee in the Moon.


In Bacalar in the town square there WI FI free just go on your settings and pick the one that does not have a lock on it.


Lots of the restaurants in the town of Bacalar and Chetumal have WI FI just ask them for the password.

There are air conditioned places in Bacalar where you can pay $20 pesos for one hour to use there computures and internet.