Where is the nearest bank or ATM?

Going South: 
Bacalar the closest ATM is the town of Bacalar, 45 minutes away by car. At the first gas station as you enter Bacalar from the north end . Use the ATM inside the store not the outdide kiosk. There is also an ATM machine located on the town square. There is no bank or money exchanger (“Cambio”) in Bacalar. Just past “km 22" turn left at the sign “Bacalar Salida 500m.” Turn left one street past the big white church downtown. Make the first left again and you will see the town square and the ATM kiosk on the right.


Chetumal: If you are going to Chetumal, every bank has an ATM machine. The following are easy-to-find banks and ATM’s in Chetumal:

Bus Station. There is an ATM at the big bus station near the San Francisco grocery store.

The Big Mall on Insurrengtes Ave. Bank & ATM located in the center of the mall. Access is from the outside (front) of the Mall.

Obregon at Juarez. There are two banks where Juarez crosses Obregon. The Bital bank has an ATM.
There are lots of banks and money changers in Chetumal, too numerous to list. Most of the money changers are on Heroes Ave., the main street going through town, connecting Insurrengtes and Obregon.

Going North: 
Felipe Carrillo Puerto. There’s a bank and ATM at the Pemex station on the left as you are entering Felipe Carrillo Puerto, about an hour’s drive from Pedro Santos.


Tulum. There is also a bank & ATM and “Cambios” in Tulum (about 2 hours north of Pedro Santos).

Majahual. There is two bank machines in Majahual.