Where can I buy groceries and liquor?

In Pedro Santos 4.5 Km from cabana. There are six stores in Pedro Santos where you can buy basic food items.

AT Pandro Santos Bakery delicious and fresh breads, cookies, cakes, donuts and sandwiches.

At Aborrates Imelda. Buy beer,liquor,ice and a variety of canned foods here. There is afair selection of stationary products.

At Tortilleria buy freshly made corn tortillas. If you prefer flour tortillas, go next door to Aborrates Imelda.

At Aborrates Terisita good smoked pork chops usually available and some hardware like nails, bike parts, plastic buckets and dishes. Also buy fish food here in the big garbage cans behind the counter (“alimentos para pollos”).

Freshly squeezed fruit juice is sold on the “topes”, speed bumps in town. Pineapple, coconut, orange, watermelon are the favourites. Pedro Santos is known all over Mexico for its delicious pineapples and you can buy a “pop” bottle full for 10 pesos.

Fresh Fruit/Limes You can get fresh fruit in Pedro Santos but if you are driving you might as well go the extra 10km into Los Limones as the fruit stands on the side of the road at the south end of town always have a good selection.

Fresh cheese, fish, meat - Limones or Bacalar.


There is a medical clinic in Los Limones on lift side road if your are heading north accrossed from basketball court.