Where can I buy Gas for my Car?

The closest Pemex station is located on Hwy 307 2km south of Pedro Santos.


Mahajual at the Pemex station. Mahajual is about 55 km from Pedro Santos (45 minutes by car).


Bacalar at the Pemex station on Highway 307.


Chetumal at the Pemex station on the left just past the glorietta to Belize. About 85km from Pedro Santos.


Felipe Carrillo Puerto at the Pemex station about an hour’s drive north from Pedro Santos.


Where do I check in?
You go past lot 35 Manatee to lot 44 Mis Casas at the end (T junction) of the main road in from the highway turn right (you would go left for Laguna Azul) and continue about 1km until you reach Lot 44, Mis Casas. Ask for Katarina or Kim.



Are Credit Cards Accepted?
Once you are in Mexico, you cannot charge food, accommodations or services at any of these vacation locations at the north end of Laguna Bacalar. It’s best to change your currency into Pesos in Cancun or in Playa del Carmen or Tulum on your way down from airport. You can also get pesos from International Foreign Exchanges in your home city. You can also pay in US cash (non-tattered bills only). The rate given for US or Canadian cash is 10 pesos to the dollar. Pesos are preferred and the only currency accepted in all the small stores.