How does solar power work?

Lights are powered by 12 volt, “deep-cycle” batteries. Each day the sun hits the solar panel and charges this battery. Unlike the 110 volt A/C system you have at home, this system does not provide unlimited electricity.

If you leave the lights on all the time, you will run down the charge on the battery, your lights will dim and eventually go out completely.

The following morning as soon as the sun hits the solar panel, you will have electricity to operate your computer and lights; however, some of that electricity is necessary to recharge the battery or your lights and computer will not work after the sun goes down that evening. On cloudy days only charge your devices for a few hours at a time to insure you do not drain the power battery for lights you will need at night.

IF you ran down the battery the night before (your lights dimmed and went out), give your battery a chance to recharge the following day for at least four hours. This means don’t use your lights, computer or other electronics for at least four hours during the day. A normal day usually provides eight hours of sunlight on the solar panel.


The sirius radio and speakers doesn't use much power when not needed or you are out turn it off to save power.